Are you searching for an easy way to convert MLV (Magic Lantern Raw Video) files to lossless avi or mov videos on Mac OS X? Welcome! MLVToMovie is my modest and free contribution to the great Magic Lantern Project for Canon EOS cameras.
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MLV To Movie


- Native Mac OS X application written in Objective-C.
- Queue management to process as many files as you want.
- MLV files can be added to the queue from different directories.
- Movie files are build in the same directory as their original MLV files.
- DNG extraction with MLV_Dump.
- RGB conversion with DCRaw (parallelized for better performances).
- Movie conversion with FFmpeg.
- Dark, flat and flat dark calibration with automatic averaging of MLV files.
- Lossless export AVI (codec rawvideo; yuv420p) and MOV (codec h264; qp=1; yuv420p).
- Preview export AVI (codec mpeg4; qscale=1; yuv420p) and MOV (h264; qp=17; yuv420p).
- Sound export if available (PCM S16 LE for AVI file; AAC for MOV file).
- Prevent computer sleep when working.
NB: MOV quality is not perfectly lossless (qp parameter should be set to 0 and not 1) to be readable by Quicktime player.

Software requirements:
- Mac OS 10.9 or higher.
- 64 bit processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or higher).

October 4, 2016: Release 1.2.0:
  • Flat dark support added.
  • Calibration diagram added for help.
  • Ask user for flat, dark and flat dark overwrite after averaging frames to save disk space.
  • Wrong frame number solved with splitted files (>4GB if exFAT not supported).
September 22, 2016: Release 1.1.1:
  • Security update: adds a subdirectory MLVToMovieTmp when user want to use a custom temporary directory. It'll avoid bad surprises if user selects accidentally its Desktop directory or other personal directories. Cause temporary directory is automatically deleted, user could loose personal data. Now, only the MLVToMovieTmp directory will be deleted.
September 18, 2016: Release 1.1.0:
  • Drag & drop support of MLV files and directories (recursive scan) into the sources-list.
  • Drag & drop support of MLV files and directories (recursive scan) on app icon.
  • Allow directories selection with open file panel too. Selected directories are automatically scanned recursively for MLV files.
  • Temporary directory can be edited in preferences panel.
September 15, 2016: Release 1.0.0:
  • First Release.